The purpose of Unilever Life


Penetrate the market
Expand your team with OMNI HUB. The initial model for full business ownership.

Online learning system That encourages business associates to learn products Via online. Live broadcast to OMNI HUB nationwide

Expand the team to grow. With a business center that helps increase product users Share experiences using new products. Ready to grow the team

  •  Promote the creation and development of teams to grow in new areas.
  • Create a community to exchange knowledge and business experience through online and offline channels.
  • Create and share good experiences with advanced product innovations.
  • SBA business associate or higher
  • Order revolving products as specified, valued at 100,000 baht in the Welcome Sets group.
  • Received approval and cooperation agreement with your senior leaders as follows: TBA / LF / AVB
  • There are meeting areas, online meeting deck equipment, notebooks, microphones, audio amplifiers.
  • Submit an OMNI HUB application and map with signature from upline at all branches of aviance shops.
  • The company will check the qualifications after submitting the application within 5 business days.
  • Appointment and interview To understand the terms And procedures after qualifying within 3 working days
  • Notify approval results within 2 working days after the interview. When approved Will be inviting to join the Line OMNI Hub group together with the purchase contract. Rotate within 14 business days.
  • Renew the contract annually
  • The company helps responsible for credit card usage fees. 2% of total product sales paid by credit card
  • Free delivery 4 times / month. The company will deliver products out of the company every Monday. In the case of holidays The delivery date will be postponed.
  • Create artwork for Roller Banner, goods and business.
  • Online product training via Line Group, starting September 2019
  • Create artwork for a permanent center with a 1 year contract.
Special! Apply for OMNI HUB.
Order a revolving product in the Welcome Sets group worth 100,000 baht with free delivery starting October 1, 2019

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